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Longtime downtown restaurant owner Nick Wysong is leading a group that will open Harold's Chicken, Whiskey & Donuts at 918 Massachusetts St., which is the former location of Burger Fi.

Wysong is the co-founder and owner of the popular downtown restaurant Ingredient. Perhaps more importantly for this venture, he’s also the former owner of Harolds Fried Chicken & Donuts. That was the short-lived restaurant that operated out of the Miller Mart gas station on West Sixth Street.

Wysong said the concept of fried chicken served with a doughnut developed a bit of a cult following during the year that Harolds was open. Wysong said he always wanted to continue with the idea, but was looking to tweak both the concept and location a bit.

What won’t change with the business is the chicken recipe. It will continue to be “honest, Southern-style fried chicken.” It will be fried in the old-fashioned manner and will come with a choice of about a dozen sauces. Traditional sides such as potatoes and gravy or macaroni and cheese will be on the menu.

At Harolds, the doughnuts were a bit of a side dish. But that won’t be the case at the new Harolds. Wysong said the restaurant will be a fully functioning doughnut shop. People will be able to come in of a morning and get a few dozen doughnuts to take to the office. If the thought of going to the office requires a shot of bourbon, we also will serve you that. The shop will have a large selection of “top shelf whiskeys,” Wysong said. It also, obviously, will have evening hours. It isn’t betting on whiskey for breakfast becoming a hugely popular trend. (It is trend-disadvantaged because people who partake in it don’t remember it well enough to tweet about it.)

As for the doughnuts, Wysong said he expects to have a stable of about 60 recipes, although he plans to start out by having about a dozen varieties available daily.

“We’re going to do this right and do it well,” Wysong said. “But the doughnut element is going to be huge. We’re super stoked about that.”

But perhaps what will blow your mind is that the fried chicken and the doughnuts truly will come together. (See, there is hope for a divided America.) Harolds served a sandwich called the Grilled Glazer. It was fried chicken covered in cheese sauce, a secret sauce, sandwiched between two maple-glazed doughnuts. Are you understanding this? The doughnuts served as the bread for the sandwich. I always assumed Harolds closed after a year in business because it was miffed that it had not yet won a Nobel Prize for this innovation.